Ready to start saving?

We have a new loyalty system that is quick and easy – you receive $10 off on every 5th haircut.

Our Locations


Visit Us

Arrive at any of our three RedMo locations in Queensland


Check In

Check-in with your name and mobile number at the front desk


Select Your Service

Select your haircut service and your preferred barber

When you arrive at any of our three locations, simply check-in with your mobile phone number on the tablet at the front desk:

Enter your name, select the haircut service you want and the barber you want. When you are next the barber will call for you and provide you with a great haircutting experience.

Each time you get a haircut the system recognizes your number and records your loyalty automatically. So there is no need to carry around a loyalty card or open an app on your phone.

If your children are getting a haircut, simply enter their details in under your name, that way those cuts get counted towards your loyalty.

So just walk in, check in and get a great haircut!